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Pleasant Activities

This tool can be used by patients and providers to identify positive and productive activities for mental well being.

My Relapse Prevention Plan

This worksheet should be used to help patients formulate and adhere to their relapse prevention plan. For more information see this video.  

Readiness Rulers

This worksheet can be used as a tool for patients and providers to help provide quantitative descriptors of a patient's readiness, importance, and confidence in achieving goals.  

Self-Management Action Plan

This worksheet is meant help patients establish goals and identify the steps they plan to take to achieve them.

BHCM Intake Checklist

This document is intended to guide the BHCM through the Collaborative Care intake process. The triage assessment is the first step in determining whether the patient is appropriate for Collaborative Care. If the patient is a good candidate for Collaborative Care, the...

BHCM Clinical Assessment Tools

This tool can be used by patients to help improve their outcomes and increase job satisfaction. Patients will be asked about their love, work, play and health.    

RUB CBT Manual: Behavioral Activation for Depression

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a short-term, evidence-based treatment for many mental health concerns, including depression. It is based on science that shows that thoughts (cognitions) and behaviors (actions, choices) affect the way we feel (emotions). This...

Adult ADHD-RS-IV with Adult Prompts

The ADHD-RS-IV with Adult Prompts is an 18-item scale based on the DSM-IV-TR® criteria for ADHD that provides a rating of the severity of symptoms. The adult prompts serve as a guide to explore more fully the extent and severity of ADHD symptoms and create a framework...