About Us

What is PRISM?

PRISM partners with health systems, clinics, and providers across the state of Michigan—and beyond—to provide individualized consultation and specialized training in the implementation of the psychiatric Collaborative Care Model (CoCM). CoCM is a highly evidence-based model of care that equips providers with the resources they need to address their patients’ mental health concerns within their health care home.

Our team has expertise in providing clinical training, technical assistance and tailored approaches to help providers successfully implement Collaborative Care Management services and sustain them in the long term. Across the country, the need for high-quality, accessible mental health care has never been greater. CoCM is a sustainable solution to meet this growing need.

We are committed to improving patient access to behavioral health care by partnering with providers and working with them to develop innovative solutions.

Serving our community


Map of Michigan showing concentration of Collaborative Care Model practices. These practices are highly concentrated in the southeast.

Why work with us?

For over ten years, PRISM (formerly called MCCIST) has partnered with health systems to successfully implement CoCM and sustain services in the long-term. Our team understands the specific challenges health systems can face when implementing a new model of care.

We work collaboratively—and holistically—with health systems to establish not just clinical protocols but the culture transformation necessary for team-based care. From technological adaptations to clinical workflows to hiring, our team of experts supports health systems every step of the way. Additionally, we are well-equipped to provide expertise to health centers or non-traditional organizations who face unique barriers to implementation.

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