May 22, 2024

Get Some Sleep!

Author: Jacquelyn Wrubel

The Importance of Sleep

We’ve all had days when we have felt crankier than usual because we missed a good night’s sleep. It’s estimated that one-third of adults do not get enough sleep. This can have long-term consequences on your mental and physical health. For example, sleep deficits have been linked to heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, obesity, and depression.

The CDC breaks down how much sleep a person should be getting here:

  • 0-3 Months: 14-17 hours
  • 4-12 Months: 12-16 hours
  • 1-2 Years: 11-14 hours
  • 3-5 Years: 10-13 hours
  • 6-12 Years: 9-12 hours
  • 13-18 Years: 8-10 hours
  • 18-60 Years: 7 or more hours
  • 61-64 Years: 7-9 hours
  • 65+ years: 7-8 hours

Worried your sleep schedule may not reflect this? Not sure how to practice healthy sleeping habits? No worries! We’ve outlined some resources in the PRISM library. 

Sleep and Your Mental Health

The Sleep and your mental health section of the Depression Toolkit outlines different ways your mental health may be affected. This includes stress, diet, and of course sleep! It explains that habits such as caffeine intake or room atmosphere may limit your ability to get a good night’s rest.

Two Week Sleep Diary

Many of these resources tell you to keep track of your sleeping habits using a diary! It’s time for the Two-week sleep diary to shine! This resource provides patients with a table so they can mark when they have and have not slept. The diary also urges patients to track when they drink caffeine, alcohol, medication, or when they exercise. 

Sleep Tips for Teens

The Sleep tips for teens infographic is aimed to help teens create the right mental and physical space before sleeping at night. Many teens are told they need 7-8 hours of sleep a night, however, this is not the case – they need 8-10! They should also limit the use of devices before bed, and stick to a consistent schedule. Insider fact: these tips are  helpful for more than just teens.

Importance of Sleep for Youth

The Importance of sleep for youth infographic explains how and why people need to sleep. They take readers through common sleep problems, how the brain gets involved, and ways you can improve your nighttime snoozes.

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