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Caring for Older Patients (NIH)

These resources from the National Institute on Aging can help providers optimize care and make the most of their time as they work with older patients. Find articles on communicating effectively with patients and caregivers, helping patients stay healthy as they age,...

Communicating with Older Patients (NIH)

Tips for effective patient communication from the National Institute on Aging. Effective communication can help build satisfying relationships with older patients to best manage their care. It can strengthen the patient-provider relationship, lead to improved health...

Change Plans Worksheet

This tool can be used by patients on their own or in conjunction with a Behavioral Health Care Manager (BHCM) as part of a CoCM program. The worksheet helps patients set meaningful goals for behavioral change to enhance their wellbeing, utilizing personal reflection...

Activity Monitoring Worksheet

This worksheet can be used by providers and patients to track daily and weekly mood changes, either as part of an ongoing treatment plan or to help establish a baseline of symptoms.