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What ADHD Feels Like

This video, created by BuzzFeed, shows interviews with real-life people and their experiences with ADHD.

Problem-Solving Therapy

Feeling overwhelmed by everyday problems? Laura Greisman, social worker, reveals how problem-solving techniques can be used to tackle one problem at a time to improve your mood. Learn how this treatment works for older adults with mild depression.

Patient Education About Anti-Depressants

This video follows a conversation between a patient and a treating provider. They discuss benefits, side effects and processes behind taking antidepressants.

Motivational Interviewing: Good example with Alan Lyme

Watch an example of Motivational Interviewing with Alan Lyme, LISW, MAC. Alan has been an active member of MINT (Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers) since 2004, is an Internationally Certified Clinical Supervisor, a Master Addictions Counselor, and a...