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Collaborative Care for people with depression and anxiety (podcast)

Many people suffer from depression and anxiety. These problems can make people feel sad, scared and even suicidal, and can affect their work, their relationships and their quality of life. Depression and anxiety can occur because of personal, financial, social or...

Collaborative Care for Depression and Anxiety Problems

Published in Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. Collaborative care is associated with significant improvement in depression and anxiety outcomes compared with usual care, and represents a useful addition to clinical pathways for adult patients with depression...

Get Trained in the Collaborative Care Model (APA)

The American Psychiatry Association offers specialized training in the Collaborative Care Model (CoCM) for treating providers, psychiatric consultants and behavioral health care managers. Click to review their course offerings.

Learn about the Collaborative Care Model (APA)

Over the past decade, the integration of behavioral health and general medical services has been shown to improve patient outcomes, save money, and reduce stigma related to mental health. Significant research spanning three decades has identified one model – the...